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Advantages of Net MD

Advantages of Net MD

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Advantages of Net MD technology

Advantages of transferring music files to an MD disc with an MD recorder that supports Net MD technology

  • It is easy to use and convenient. Plug a USB cable to a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) or Android phone and use either SonicStage or Web MiniDisc. Please follow this user guide documents for using Web MiniDisc
  • You don't need to buy additional equipment such as a USB to Toslink/Coaxial adapter as we do for one to one recording.
  • It writes music files to a disc very fast. For example, 4x of an actual song's duration for SP mode, and 16x - 32x for L2 mode. For more information, please check Net MD writing speed test.
  • You get a song title automatically from a music file's metadata. However, you can edit a song's name immediately after it has been recorded, but not only editing the single track title, you can also edit the disc's title.
  • It is easy to rearrange songs on a disc or remove an existing song on a disc and add a new song to an existing recorded disc.
  • It supports many input music files format e.g. FLAC, AIFF, WAV, and MP3 formats.
  • For models that have a Download button, e.g. Sony MZ-NE810, Sony MZ-NH3D, Sony MZ-DH10P, we can use MD Simple Burner program and press a download button to RIP CD to MD easily.
  • Please note that Net MD feature is only available for some recorders that support Net MD technology.

Relationship between MD recorders that support Net MD technology and Hi-MD recorders

  • Sometimes, we are not sure if a Hi-MD recorder supports Net MD technology or not. This is a Venn and Euler diagram which can help us understand the relationship between normal MD recorders that support Net

    relationship bettween md recorders that support netmd technology and hi md recorders drawio

  • All MD recorders that support Net MD technology allow us to transfer a music file from a computer or a mobile phone to an MD recorder.

  • All Sony Hi-MD recorders support Net MD technology but all Onkyo Hi-MD recorders do not.

  • MD Recorders that support Net MD technology but not Hi-MD recorders allow us to record in SP, LP2 and LP4 modes only.

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