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Web MiniDisc User Guide

Web MiniDisc User Guide

Install a driver with Zadig

This driver is requried for Windows only. If you use Mac, Android or Linux, you don't need to install a driver and can skip to "Use Web MiniDisc" section.

  • Download Zadig program. 👉 💾Click here to download the program.

  • Extract the file and double click zadig.exe to launch the program. The program will ask if you want to check for updates or not. You can click No to skip updating. update policy

  • Wait until the main window appears. default window

  • Connect your Net MD recorder to a computer via USB cable (For Deck or Bookshelf recorders, please change to Net MD by pressing a Net MD button on a recorder).

  • !!! Very Important !!! for a computer that has not previously installed a Net MD driver, the program will automatically display a device name such as Net MD or Net MD Walkman as in the following picture. auto select device

  • If no device (Net MD or Net MD Walkman) is displayed, perform the following steps.

    1. Click Options.
    2. Click List All Devices.
    3. Click to select a device that is connected to the computer. list all devices
  • Once a connected Net MD recorder has been selected, do either:

    • Click the Install Driver button for computers that have never installed the driver install driver

    • Click the Replace Driver button (for computers that have previously installed the driver). already) replace driver

  • A window will appear after the driver has been successfully installed. driver installed successfully

Use Web MiniDisc on a computer

Use Web MiniDisc single page app. This application requires internet connection only the first time that you open it. It does not upload your music files to a server. Everything is done on your computer.

  • Open a browser (Chrome or Edge) and navigate to

  • A browser will display the homepage of the Web MiniDisc app. home page

  • Insert an MD that we are going to write a song into a recorder and perform the following steps:

    1. Click the CONNECT button.
    2. Click the connected device which can be Net MD or Net MD Walkman.
    3. Click the Connect button to select a connected device. connect device
  • Web MiniDisc will display:

    • Name of the connected player
    • MD title
    • List of all songs on the MD disc, or show blank if there are no songs at all list all songs
  • Click the big blue button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Select a song to write to an MD. Optionally, you can hold the CTRL key and click to select multiple music files. select songs

  • After music files has been selected, a recording setting screen will show up and you can adjust some settings:

    1. Select a recording mode such as SP, LP2 or LP4.
    2. Specify the song title from which information such as filename, song's title.
    3. Press the OK button to write selected songs to an MD.
    • Optionally, we can press the SHOW TRACK button to display a list of all selected songs or add more songs before writing a disc. upload settings
  • Web MiniDisc will start converting the selected songs and writing them to an MD disc.

  • Optionally, you can check Notify when completed to let the program notify you when writing has finished.


  • Wait until Web MiniDisc has written all selected songs to the MD disc.
  • Then click the three little dots in the upper-right corner of the screen, and click Exit to exit Web MiniDisc.
  • Disconnect a USB cable a computer and an MD recorder.
  • You can now start playing songs on a disc by your MD player/recorder.


Use Web MiniDisc on a mobile phone

  • You can only use it on Android phones with Chrome or Edge mobile browser. It does not support iOS, so you can't use it on iPhone or iPad.

  • We can use Web MiniDisc to write a music file to an MD via mobile phone directly with Net MD compatible recorders.

  • It does not require to install a driver.

  • Use any USB OTG adapter or USB type C to mini USB to connect your mobile phone to a recorder.

  • You can select a single song or all the songs in a folder to write mulitple songs to an MD.

  • Perform the following steps to to write an MD with your mobile phone.

    1. Press the + button to select a song to write to an MD. mobile select add music files

    2. Select Files action. mobile select files action

    3. Select a folder where music files are stored.

    4. You can also select all files at once. mobile select all music files in a folder

    5. Press the OPEN button to select all files to write to a disc. mobile select open files

    6. Select a Recording mode.

    7. Press the OK button to write selected files to a disc. mobile select recording mode and ok

    • Wait until the Web MiniDisc has finished writing a disc.
    • Optionally, you can check Notify when completed to let the program notify you when writing has finished. mobile recording status
  • Enjoy web minidisc on mobile phone

Supported music files

List of supported files that we can use in Web MiniDisc app

File extensionFile nameDeveloper
*.flacFree Lossless Audio CodecXiph.Org
*.aiffAudio Interchange File FormatApple
*.wavWAVE Audio FileMicrosoft & IBM
*.m4aMPEG-4 Audio FileApple
*.mp3MP3 Audio File (Layer 3 audio compression)Moving Picture Experts Group
*.wmaWindows Media Audio FileMicrosoft
*.opusOpus Audio FileXiph.Org
*.webmWebM VideoGoogle
*.webaWebM Audio FileGoogle
*.oggOgg Vorbis Audio FileXiph.Org
*.ogaOgg Vorbis Audio FileXiph.Org
*.midMIDI File (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
*.auAudacity Audio FileAudacity
*.m4viTunes Video FileApple
*.mp4MPEG-4 Video FileMoving Picture Experts Group

Hi-MD players/recorders

  • Hi-MD recorders that support Net MD can also be used with Web Minidisc.
  • Supported models are as follows: Sony CMT-AH10, Sony LAM-X1, Sony MZ-DH10P, Sony MZ-NH1, Sony MZ-NH3D, Sony MZ-NH600/MZ-NH600D/MD-HUSB, Sony MZ-NH700/MZ- NHF800, Sony MZ-NH900, Sony MZ-RH1/MZ-M200, Sony MZ-RH10/MZ-M100, Sony MZ-RH710/MZ-DH710, Sony MZ-RH910/MZ-M10

Note for using Web Minidisc with Hi-MD recorders

  • We can't use Web MiniDisc to write a normal disc in Hi-MD mode.
  • It is not compatible with a Hi-MD disc.
  • It supports only SP, LP2, LP4 mode and a normal MD disc.
  • It is possible that a driver installed with Zadig has an issue with Windows OS and Hi-MD recorders. It is recommended to use Linux, mobile phones or Mac beause these OS do not require a driver to be installed.

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