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Interesting players with VU meters

Interesting players with VU meters

Technics Stereo cassette deck 615

technics stereo cassette deck 615 01

Sony TC-D5/TC-D5M

Sony TC-2850

sony tc 2850 01

sony tc 2850 02

Sony TC-153SD

sony tc 153sd 01

sony tc 153sd 02

Technics​ RS-265U

technics  rs 265u 01

Victor KD-110

victor kd 110


  • dimension: width 382 mm x height 83 mm x deep 329 mm
  • weight 6.4 kg

pioneer t 3050

Sony PCM-D1

sony pcm d1

Aiwa XR-FD55

  • MD mechanism type: MDM-16QA

    aiwa xr fd55 01

    aiwa xr fd55 02

  • Remote control - Aiwa RC-CAS20: aiwa rc cas20

Panasonic CQ-VX5500

panasonic cq vx5500


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